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About us

Welcome to Adastra Africa

Adastra is a transportation bidding service between truck drivers and cargo transporters based on mobile applications.
Adastra Africa

Our Vision

our vision is to help transporters in Africa to conduct business effectively and with good price
Adastra Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Cargo Transporters and Truck Driver for easy, affordable and reliable movement of goods


Register As a Seeker or Driver

Create an Account

if you are a Driver or Seeker, you need to maintain your Profile

Get a Quote

if you are a seeker you can get quotes from drivers / if you are Driver you can bid a Price for Cargo


The seeker can Pay Directly Driver
Adastra Africa

Cargo Transporter

download Adastra cargo register and start to use by selecting estimated weight (in tones) Identify cargo location, cargo destination then request. you will see your route with number of drivers ready to transport your cargo click the number and see multiple trucks with different prices to transport the cargo, select the one you like and call the driver,
Adastra Africa

Truck Driver

If you are a truck driver download the Adastra driver’s application register your truck, then you will see multiple cargos going to different routes, you choose your interested routes then click add transport cost put the price to bid, and wait for calls from customers. You can also search your preferred destination to see if there are cargos to transport to that destination
Adastra Africa

Payment Process

as for now, the agreed payment will be done manual between cargo transporter and truck driver on their own with ought any involvement of Adastra, adastra is the only facilitator of the bidding between two parts but does not receive or pay either part
Now On Play Store

Download Adastra
mobile app Now

Anyone with cargo can type cargo destination and see multiple trucks with different prices to transport the cargo, select one and call the driver, all you need to do is download the application sign up and use it.

Live Map Intergration

The seeker can see a Live map

Very Easy to use

Very Easy Login option For Drivers and Seekers

Biding Option Enable

Driver Can Bid to the Cargo

Push Notification

Push Notification enables for both Parties
Adastra Africa

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